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The Petz 4 Adoption Center

The Adoption Center is the place in which every Petz game starts, and a place players will likely frequent. Simply use the Center's Pick A Pet buttons to choose a breed, and a representative of that breed will emerge through the Adoption Center's doors. In some games, there are a few toyz in the Adoption Center, so you can play with your pet and "get to know it" a bit before adopting.

The modern Adoption Center was introduced in Petz II; Dogz 1 and Catz 1 featured a very different version in which there are five doghouses/baskets (depending on the game), each with a different breed inside.

Though the basics of the AC haven't changed since then, its appearance has varied from game to game.

The Adoption Center from Petz 5 has a unique feature - a bulletin board that, when clicked, will display pictures of Runaway Petz. When clicked, the player will be given another chance to care for that pet.