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Dogz 3 and Catz 3, which combine when installed on a single computer into a single game named Petz 3, were released in 1998 and constitute the third entry in the Petz series.

Petz 3 is the last Petz game actually made solely by the original developers, PF.Magic, as oppsed to Mindscape or Ubisoft. It's pretty much the last Petz game to actually make significant changes to the gameplay, and thus is the oldest Petz game still commonly used today (though it's far less used than Petz 4 and Petz 5, which may have more to do with being harder to find than being significantly worse).

Gameplay & Technical[]

Advancements in Petz 3 include:

  • Some minor technical/internal structure changes
  • The introduction of Breeding, which includes giving petz genders and the propensity to fall in love
  • The introduction of Playscenes
  • The introduction of Clothes
  • A simpler, smaller Carry Case (as opposed to Petz II's Scrappy Shelf)

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