Classic Petz 'Pedia Wiki

Petz 5 is the fifth of the Petz games. It is the main game used alongside Petz 4 and the last game in the classic Petz series. It was released by Ubisoft in 2002.


- There is a difference between day and night! You can choose if you want it real time, or random. (This has no effect on how quickly your Petz age). Weather was added as well. The most common are snow and rain.

- Litterz, your Petz can have 1-4 kittens/puppies at a time, and they are raised in a new nursery area (which cannot be accessed after your babies grow into a full adult).

- Minigames, there are 5: Simon Says, Obstacle Course, Scarab Crunch, Rock Paper Scissors & Tic Tac Toe.

- New Salon playscene, a bathtub instead of just a Clothes Closet. (You can give your Petz a bath to remove paint from the paintcan).

- A new Petz profile where all the options (rename, spay/neuter, etc.) are all in one place.

- All the items are in the carrying case now instead of the toy closet, and they are not readily available. (You need to win them in minigames or find them in playscenes). This is easily solved by downloading Tinker and editing the toy case. Also you can customize the carrying case with 'skinz'.

- A board at the adoption centre to give you a second chance when one of your petz runs away. There is a chance they show up on this board, allowing you to adopt them one more time.

Petz 4 is usually preferred over Petz 5 for 2 main reasons:

- Petz from Petz 4 can be adopted out to people who own Petz 3, 4 and 5. Petz 5 Petz only work in Petz 5.

- The game is quite glitchy sometimes.


In Petz 5 the Playpen playscene was removed, however, this was most likely a mistake because there is a new Playpen wallpaper in the files, and when you try to take a picture in the Adoption Center it says 'please take your Pet to the Playpen or another playscene'.