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Dogz II and Catz II, which combine when installed on a single computer into a single game named Petz II, were released in 1997 and constitute the second entry in the Petz series.


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Gameplay & Technical[]

Many very significant advancements were made in Petz II, including:

  • The internal mechanics and engine of the game underwent significant changes.
  • Catz II and Dogz II are essentially the same game - they just include different toyz and breedz (one includes catz stuff and the other dogz stuff, of course). When installed on one computer, they will "merge" into a single game, Petz II, in which you can play with breedz and toyz from both games, and see catz and dogz interact with each other.
  • Petz II was the "final word" on the basic appearance of petz. Petz from Petz II are somewhat less goofy-looking than their predecessors (though still pretty cartoony) and have textured coats. This game was also the introduction of paint ballz, allowing petz to have spots and patches.
  • The toyz have changed appearance also.
  • You can adopt an unlimited amount of petz.
  • You can take 2 petz out at a time and see them interact with each other.
  • Petz will now run away if neglected.
  • The Carry Case (which in this particular entry is called the Scrappy Shelf) now contains the Pick A Pet buttons that can be used to take out petz and a door that the petz come through, which is just like later titles' Red Petz Door except it's not red. The menu is now located at the top of the screen, not the top of the Carry Case.
  • The Toy Closet is introduced.
  • The modern Adoption Center is introduced.
  • If a player were to spray fleaspray on catnip and have a dog eat it then the dog will "love" certain things, such as the scratching post, basket, pillow, and the carrying case

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