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In all Petz games released since Petz II, petz who are neglected, not played with, and not cared for may run away. When you click the Pick a Pet button and hover your cursor over their picture, there will be a red stamp on it that says "Runaway". If you try to play with the pet, a message will pop up explaining what has happened and the pet will disappear from your list of petz.

Runaway Petz can be rescued from this status by various hexing-related means, but the only game in which runaway Petz can return through normal gameplay is Petz 5. There is a bulletin board at the Adoption Center that will display petz that have run away. Clicking them will award you with another chance to care for them properly.

External links[]

Page where you can download MK&C's Runaway Rescue, a program to "rescue" runaway petz in Petz 3 - 5 (click on downloads)